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The tables focus on various properties to help you make your choice.


Note: Quantities shown are grams per serving.

The Kick Ass Range
Protein Oats Creamy ChocPlant Berry PowerPlant Salted CaramelPrimal Coco ChocPrimal Vanilla ChaiKeto Collagen Salted CaramelKeto Protein Vanilla Shake
Serving Size60g serving36g serving40g serving35g serving35g serving18g serving35g serving
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Highest Protein 24.8gHigh Protein 19.5gHigh Protein 20.4gMedium Protein 16.3gMedium Protein 15.9gModerate Protein 10.8gHigh Protein 20.9g
Highest Complex Carb Count 16gModerate Carbs 5gLow Carbs 3gLow Carbs 2gLow Carbs 3gLow Carbs 1gLow Carbs 2g
No Added Sugar – naturally occurring Low Sugar 2.7gLow Sugar 2.7gLow Sugar 0.7gLow Sugar 1.3gLow Sugar 1.6gLowest Sugar 0.1gLow Sugar 1.5g
*1 Billion Colony Forming Units (CFU) per servingDigestive Enzymes-Digestive Enzymes + Lactospore® ProbioticDigestive EnzymesDigestive EnzymesDigestive EnzymesDigestive Enzymes + Lactospore® Probiotic
BCAAs - 4.5gBCAAs - 4gHighest BCAAs - 5gBCAAs - 3.1gBCAAs - 3.3gBCAAs - 3.1gBCAAs - 4.5g
Moderate Fat - 4.5gModerate Fat - 2.1gModerate Fat - 4.8gHigh in Saturated Fat - 6.3g (MCT Oil + Coconut Milk)High in Saturated Fat - 6.1g (MCT Oil)High in Saturated Fat - 3g (MCT Oil)High in Saturated Fat - 5g (MCT Oil)
Energy Kj1437137314391746163717391737
Protein g41.4545146.745.560.160
Carbs g2614871064
Sugar g4.4723.74.70.64
Fat g7.461221.819.416.417
Saturated Fat g3.1121917.416.314
Dietary Fibre g6.7121411.312.45.75
Diet Suitability
Lacto-VegetarianVegan – Paleo – Naturally Gluten‑FreeVegan – Paleo – Naturally Gluten‑FreePaleo/Primal – Lacto-Vegetarian – Naturally Gluten‑FreePaleo/Primal – Lacto-Vegetarian – Naturally Gluten‑FreeKeto/Paleo – Naturally Gluten‑Free Insulin Re-setKeto/Paleo – Naturally Gluten‑Free Insulin Re-set
High Protein A favourite among bodybuilders, distance athletes and just about any fitness enthusiast, protein is used by the body to repair damaged muscle, bone, skin, teeth, hair, etc. Think of it as the mortar between the bricks. Without it, the entire structure of your body would collapse. Protein helps create an anabolic hormonal environment, which is good for muscle building and fat loss. SPORTS - any sport which puts your muscles to work - and which don't? - will benefit from the supplementation of this power macro. It's the one that kicks ass time and again.
Complex CarbohydratesSlow-release carbs are essential for maintaining energy over extended periods of time. Carbs are broken down to glycogen and supply energy to the muscles. Carbohydrates improve athletic performance by delaying fatigue and allowing an athlete to compete at higher levels for longer. Nutrients, such as fat or muscle protein, are utilised to provide energy. SPORTS - sustained energy required for running, swimming and other outdoor activities will benefit from complex carbohydrates.
Protein and Carb comboWhile carbohydrates supply the energy required to sustain sporting activity, proteins support muscle regeneration. This combination of macros – Protein + Carbs - is ideal for almost all sporting activities which require explosive strength as well as endurance. SPORTS – crossfit, medium distance runners, paddlers, cross-country runners.
High Fat, MCT Oils, Low CarbWhen you're doing low carb, or keto, the absence of carbs can be felt in your energy levels. To compensate for this, bioavailable fuel from fat is used to maintain the energy curve. Intermittent fasters have also been known to use fat as a source of energy until lunchtime. Athletes who have become insulin resistant are able to abstain from carbs to reset their tolerance. SPORTS - bodybuilders, anyone looking to utilise the slow-burning effect of higher fat content, without loading up on carbohydrates.
High Protein, High BCAABCAAs are helpful in supporting weight loss. Our plant protein contains leucine, isoleucine, and valine, to assist in muscle repair. If you're a vegan, or following a plant-based diet, and want to build muscle, this is the performance blend for you. Extremely low sugar and fat content make this blend ideal for athletes wishing to "eat lean".
Very low Carbs, low Sugar, CollagenCollagen is a highly sought after supplement with older athletes seeking support for aching joints. The added MCT oil lends a creamy texture, whilst ensuring this performance blend delivers optimal energy. Keto collagen provides sustained energy, the appropriate amount of protein, and helps with joint, skin hair and nail repair even as you push your body to do more.

Get The Facts

In a quest to develop a range of protein-rich supplements that do good and taste great, we embarked on a journey to understand how to pack in more by using less.

what kick ass stands for

We, being yours truly – avid researcher and product developer – and supporting experts, including formulators, dieticians, health practitioners, personal trainers, and a bevy of friends and assorted mavens who submitted themselves to a range of concoctions, some of which are best forgotten, until we were satisfied we were on to something that lived up to its name; something that does, in all respects, kick ass!

After two years of research, experimentation, wrong turns and multiple tastings, we are happy to share Kick Ass Performance Blends with you.
We won’t try to kid you that this is a ‘natural’ product – whatever that means. We know you know that packaged goods don’t grow on trees. Protein concentrates have to be processed to extract the maximum benefit from the protein portion; stevia leaf extract has to be, well, extracted; fruit and vegetable powders have to harvested, dried and milled to deliver their nutrients to you; probiotics have to round up the right strains of bacteria … you get the picture.

Nature provides the ingredients, but science and technology hone the benefits. Botanical extracts, digestive enzymes, probiotics, calorie-free stevia and delicate flavours all need a helping hand from lab boffins to bring you food products with an edge.

That doesn’t mean you can add whatever crap you feel like – and believe us, there is a lot of crap available out there. Quite the contrary. For example, when we could only find whey protein concentrates that used soy lecithin as an emulsifier, we kept searching until we found one that uses lecithin derived from sunflower: much less common, much less likely to contain GMOs, and with none of the drawbacks of soya.

We’ve put in a lot of effort to ensure we source only the best possible ingredients to deliver a quality product with no empty calories, no junk, and no compromise on taste. And definitely no cheap fillers lurking amongst the sexy stuff. Is this the perfect product? No, far from it. But it is honest.

- Eli Coelho

Similarly with the flavours, which account for a tiny percentage of the formulations, we’ve made sure they are free of any GMOs (many aren’t) or animal products. Every aspect counts.

We’ve tried to keep things as real as possible, with a short list of ingredients you can mostly pronounce. We’ve put in a lot of effort to ensure we source only the best possible ingredients to deliver a quality product with no empty calories, no junk, and no compromise on taste. And definitely no cheap fillers lurking amongst the sexy stuff.

Is this the perfect product? No, far from it. But it is honest. We’ll keep digging deep, using our restless energy to find even better ingredients at the right price point. We’ll keep sourcing new superfoods, evolving new formulas and fashioning new flavours to meet the changing needs of our customers. We’ll keep listening, adjusting and innovating to ensure Kick Ass Performance Blends deliver great value. And we’ll keep inspiring our fans to keep aspiring to their personal best.


We’ll let you into a dirty, little secret:

packaging is a necessary evil.

Plastic, especially, has become a big no-no. Plastic pollution is a very real problem, and our throw-away habits are clogging up the oceans and messing up the planet. This should be a concern for all of us, manufacturers and customers alike. But at this point, stand-up pouches still offer the best product protection, value for money and sheer convenience. And of course, they’re light and strong.

Unfortunately, ditching single-use plastic is not as simple as it seems, and other types of packaging are often not as ‘green’ as we may think. For example, did you know that recycled paper and cardboard have a higher carbon footprint than plastic bags?

We have investigated the growing array of compostable/biodegradable alternatives but remain unconvinced of their efficacy. The worst of them could be accused of greenwashing: take your money, make you feel like you’re doing your bit for the environment, but simply contribute to overflowing landfills, just like any other plastic. Whilst the best simply don’t work as well as they claim and cost a small fortune.

Viable alternatives will become available – sooner rather than later, we hope – and when they do Kick Ass will migrate to genuinely sustainable packaging. Until then then we will do what we can, wherever we can, to reduce our impact on the environment.